Spokane Medicare

     2017 has brought many changes to Medicare in Spokane. There are new plans as well as plan changes. Some companies are no longer offering the same benefits, or in some cases, the same plan that they did last year. Other companies have added additional benefits to plans giving them new value for those that may have not been a good fit in the past. Qualifications and eligibility requirements may have changed for some people allowing them access to a plan or program that they may not have been qualified for in the past or may not know is available.
   Many older adults tell us about the confusion that results from the amount of mail they get around the time they turn 65. Every year Seniors get bombarded around the open enrollment period by mail about Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug coverage by insurance companies competing for their attention. Many have areas where they provide great value the trick is to find the areas where the value applies to you and make sure that you are enrolled in a plan you can feel confident in. We use our experience in saving money and solving problems for Spokane seniors, to help you choose the right plan for you.
     Providing help with enrollment is just the beginning. We continue to monitor the healthcare landscape and help you navigate those changes year after year. New benefits, new qualification and eligibility requirements, new prices, changes in prescription drug formulary’s, and in doctor networks are all quick examples of things that can be managed much better when you work with someone that has taken the time to get familiar with your situation and will get together with you over a cup of coffee to help you figure it out.